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Bộ điều khiển trung tâm nhà thông minh Z-Wave Fibaro Home Center Lite

Bộ giao tiếp nhà thông minh Z-Wave trong một thiết bị nhỏ gọn, mạnh mẽ.
Phiên bản Lite version của Fibaro Home Center 2 cao cấp
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Giao diện người dùng đơn giản, thân thiện và dễ điều khiển
Kích thước siêu nhỏ - 90 x 90 x 33mm


Thông số kỹ thuật của Điều khiển trung tâm nhỏ:

The main differences between the Fibaro HCL and the HC2 are:

  • Plastic casing (HC2's has an Alloy Case)
  • No LUA
  • No LiLi
  • No VOIP
  • Wireless: Z-Wave 868.42MHz
  • Antenna: External High Gain
  • Network Interface: 10/100/1000Base-T (Gigabit) Ethernet via RJ45 connector
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 (720MHz)
  • WLAN: Connects to Wi-Fi Router via Ethernet cable
  • Power: 9-12VDC (Power Supply included)
  • LEDS: Power, Status, Ethernet, WLAN and Z-Wave
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 90 x 90 x 33 mm



Hướng dẫn về Điều khiển trung tâm nhỏ:

New Fibaro Control Center Lite

The new FIBARO Home Center Lite (HCL) is a complete Z-Wave home automation gateway. Don't let its tiny size fool you - Home Center Lite is all you need to run your entire home - communicating with sensors, activating lights, appliances and heating, and even alerting you if it detects threats such as fire, flood or break-in.

Tiny, Efficient and Powerful

The Fibaro HCL is tiny - measuring just 90 x 90 x 33mm.

The HCL uses a new ARM Cortex-A8 processor to deliver high-speed performance while using very little power. HCL is the smallest Z-Wave controller available and still packs a punch big enough to manage any Z-Wave system with up to 230 devices.

Set up your Command Post

Building on the intuitive Fibaro system and apps, the new Command Post is your view of the system.

The app can be customized so you see exactly what you need to see. You can create and modify tables, icons and names in such a way that you will always have those most important functions at your fingertips. The user-friendliness and flexibility of the Fibaro app will make operating your intelligent system easy and straightforward.

Greater Control over Multi-Media

The new Home Center Lite controller delivers even greater integration of home multimedia with your Z-Wave System. Manage your TV, Home Cinema, Hi-Fi and others - right from the Fibaro app. Using Fibaro, you don’t need any remote other than your smart phone or tablet. All of these devices can be set to work automatically - for instance, you arrive home and your TV switches to the 6 o’clock news as you walk through the door.


The HCL is a modular controller that can be easily expanded. Connect the HCL to your router, power it up and it's ready to use whether you're at home, the office or up mount Everest!

You can then expand the system by adding the Fibaro Battery and GSM modules and your HCL will stay working even if there's a power cut (see note).

How to choose between HC2 and HC Lite